Sep 6, 2018

Same cut, different 3dshape

Couple new boards with same shape (tails differ though) but with different 3d shape. One has  gullwing, the other one has double gullwing, third one channels.

Just experimenting....


Unknown said...

Hey man, looks really nice! How did you do the fin?

Tuomo said...

Thanks man. 3d shape is carved into foam. So, its really not a fin in the sense that its the veneer bent to the shape. The one with double gullwing I tried to be fast and added additional pieces on to a flat foam mold. That was not so good, it was difficult to get correct shape without too much streching of the veneer.

Unknown said...

You seem to be making the foam mold in a way that the base of the board is on the mold (so the mold is shaped concave). Wouldn't it be easier to shape the mold if it was shaped in a way that the deck is on top of the mold (so the mold is convex)? do you know what i mean? :'D What is your opinion about this?

And another question: do you think a specific material for the base is necessary? (fiberglass or laminate or ptex or something like that...) Or could the board be fast enough with just a bit of wax on the veneer?

Thanks for your answer! I really appreciate that you put everything online, that helps me a lot!

A big hug from switzerland!

Tuomo said...

Hi Tim,
actually I shape the mold always so that the top of the board is against the mold. There are couple reasons why I chose this: allows me to bend the mold also so that I don't need to shape all of the kick but I can bend it by hand. This can be done if one makes couple small cuts like showed in this post:

2.I think there is less shaping this way

3.on most of the shapes the flat part of the board is still the original flat part of the mold (I don't need to shape some part to be exactly flat which would be boring job at least)

Answer to the second question: I've tried so far the following bases: ptex, industrial laminate, epoxy
all of those have worked. Laminate can keep some wax, and epoxy can be coldwaxed as well (like surfboard) but those are not as fast as ptex. It depends on your riding terrain if the speed is an issue or not. If you leave the veneer without anything and just wax it I would guess that could work as well. Maybe sand it first and apply wax. Wood should absorb wax and old wooden skis were treated with tar (, and even that becomes relatively fast when it creates a good surface. But I would not recommend tar since if I'm not mistaken it requires some use before it becomes fast.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your answer!

I have now decided to make a proper ptex base... shouldn't be to difficult since it seems to me that its just one more layer in the setup glued together with epoxy... Or I am wrong about this?

And how much did you elevate your nose, tail and sidechannels? I really dont know how wild i can go with this :'D