Jan 17, 2016


After laminating, I shaped the board and left it without any finishing touch (just being lazy).

Laminating I did in two faces: first couple layers and then rest without the mold (+few layers for the next one. I wanted to test if one can use previous board as a mold).

I only used 3 layers of 1.5mm birch veneer, one layer of triaxial glassfibre, ptex base, and industry laminate as top sheet. Board has nice flex but on the first try it seemed to lose its kick from the nose! Weather was cold (-18celcius), and I wonder if that had anything to do with it. The kick came back after riding, but that kinda doesnt help since one needs it while riding! Damn.


Anonymous said...

Thx for your tips. Ive been trolling your site for a couple seasons now and creating and riding some of my own boards (up to 7 now). This has been a super fun sport for an old land locked surfer up in interior Alaska.

Nice work, keep it up and I look forward to checking out future boards and ideas.


Tuomo said...

Thanks for your comment Ced! I haven't had too much time to build boards or ride this season but it's always nice to hear from likeminded people. It's really a fun sport! For a wannabe surfer like me who has always lived up north it's the best alternative.