Jan 14, 2016

After reshaping mold

Reshaped mold with two-colored veneer in the press. Only problem was that some airbubbles were left under the base. One can see the bubbles and the veneer through the ptex.


Unknown said...

hey man, following your blog, tons of info! thanks for all this.
quick question: how do you glue the ptex?


Tuomo said...

Thanks man!
I've always used epoxy to glue the ptex. I think friend of mine has used polyurethane glue, I can check with hin and let you know later. Other than the glue, it just like glueing the veneer, except that airbubbles tend to stay since ptex don't breath like veneer does.

Norah said...

hi, was poking around looking at powder surf stuff and I see our Roarockit TAP kit being used to laminate! Awesome!

Unknown said...

have you come up with a way to avoid the bubbles underneath the ptex? 🤔

Tuomo said...

No, I don't really have any good way to avoid the bubbles. Seems to be about pressure and pushing those out by hand, but even that is difficult when the base is not flat. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hey man interesting stuff,

you can use this


against the bubbles

i also get the roarockit kit and now i got 5 veneer ready from ash....little stiff so i will use some glassfibre ...and only 3 veneers 2,5 mm thick

thanks for your info