Nov 26, 2014


I tried the new mold with three layers of 1.5mm birch veneer and one layer of laminate on top. I thought that using laminate will add a water resistant layer and add strength. Now I finish this by adding one more layer of 1.5mm veneer, fiberglass and p-tex base.

I'm also going to reshape the mold a bit since the outcome was not as good as I expected, the laminate cracked a bit (even though it is not visible in this picture) and the combination of veneer and laminate did not bend as easily into the shape as I thought it would (the laminate got kinda stuck on the mold and did not slide and bend into the channels properly).


Глеб said...

Hi! My name is Gleb. Thank you very much for the interesting blog! Many useful links! When i read your experience, i make one surf for me). You can see (
3 layers of 4 mm veneer, 2 layers of fiberglass. Only wood, no base material. Now i varnish ( maybe 3 layers). My first surf looks like Grassroots ( But my purpose is AESMO powsurfs. It's perfect!=)
I have some questions. Tell me please, which is thickness of your surf?
Which base material use you? I saw Ptex base ( like this, but now i made without base. We haven't got base in shops, only order from Europe or USA.
Buy you special surf leash or use rope? Connect you leash to ankle bone or to hand? Which length of leash will be better?
It will be wonderful. if you answer me. I don't know persons, which made surfs) I have a little bit more questions, and if it is possible, i will ask you later.
My email :

Tuomo said...

Hi Gleb,
thanks for your comment. Nice looking board that you built!
The boards that I built with 4mm veneer (or I call that plywood when it has veneer sheets glued together), were the same thickness as yours (one thinner one that I built cracked).
The 4mm plywood that I used had three layers of veneer, so all together that is 12layers.

Now that I'm using 1.5mm birch veneer, I only put 4-5layers (depending what I use on top), two layers fiberglass and top and base. When I glue everything with epoxy, that becomes really stiff already.

If you want to go towards boards like Äsmo, you need to get veneer (not plywood) to have it bend like that.

Ptex you might have to order, it's really hard to find from any shops.

As a leash, I've used simple ropes. Connect to ankle or hand, or waist. I don't know which is the best, I guess it depends what you like. But not too long ones, if it doesn't stretch and it's too long the pull that it makes starts to hurt if you fall in higher speed.

I write you an email with more info later...

Глеб said...

Thank you for reply! I am really waiting for your email.