Jul 19, 2014

Sidecut and reverse sidecut

Two new boards coming up...

Another one is actually just a core, glued with epoxy and a new mold (I think one gets the idea from the picture). I decided to glue just the core first, then shape it and finally put fiberglass and base and top. Idea was to ease out the sawing and finishing the sides when there is no fiberglass yet. And then to have a nice "cap"-style construction with the fiberglass.

The other that has fiberglass sticking out is done with the older mold, just a new shape.

Noticed later: It is only the epoxy that makes sawing and the finishing work difficult. So, this idea was not so great. It is just more work if one tries to get the cap like shape, sanding the edges roundish to get the fiberglass bending in the vacuum along the edge is just way more work than just laminating everything at once and then sawing, sanding and finishing a straight 90degree edge.

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