Oct 17, 2013

Now this is the state of the art, in terms of my boards I mean. This is the first try of the Vacuum press.


Anonymous said...

Nice! looking forward to the grip tip.

Puuderdyret said...

Looks good..How deep is the nose and tail? looking forward to try vacuum pressing.

Tuomo said...

Thanks! My mold is 5cm thick, so nose has about that much kick, tail has a bit less. Nose is something like 45cm long and tail 35 and overall length is about 130.

Pudderdyret said...

Ah yes of course. looks like it gonna rip. Where do you get the p-tex from and did you have any trouble with the expoy and the pump?

Tuomo said...

I forgot to add the link to the shop where I bought the p-tex. It is from

Also old Fake-snowboards manufacturer in Finland has old p-tex left over, and he sells that.

And junksupply has a good selection of all the materials.

With epoxy and the pump I had no problems. When the glass-fibre is wider than the veneer sheets, most of the excess epoxy sticks to that and doesn't spread all over the base (and in particular does not get all the way to the pump).